Scale tool for assemblies and individual items


A group of items won’t link together when using the scale tool. But they scale independently. The example the items are compared to a solid item. project1.skp (823.3 KB)

Not clear to me what you are trying to achieve.

When you say they won’t “link together”, why would they? The scale tool is not a linking mechanism.

In the screenshot there are objects in two different rows. The example with the bricks have been scaled incorrectly, which are rotated individually. The scale tool won’t raise the line of bricks in the same manner as the board example. The row of bricks need to be raised on one end without each rotating individually (demonstrated in the example) in order to position this on an angle.

I’m not following what you expect scale to do but is this what you want?
Rot geo

Yes, When using the scale tool (which rotates objects) on the series of bricks, I’m hoping to raise them in (in one complete straight line–similar to the grey colored bricks behind them) so that the entire set of bricks when raised on the other end with the rotating tool will be at an angle appearing straight as a board. The row of bricks will be installed in another model file, where there is an inclining road/ramp. And the inclining road has a wall on each side also at an angle to match with the road/ramp angle. Each time I use the rotating tool to lift one end they only rotate individually. They are set as “components” not “Groups”

And yes, that you’ve referred to the board in my example which is currently at an angle and which is the same basic appearance I need the line of bricks to appear

project1.skp (1.5 MB)


@Box was using the Rotate tool. The Scale tool looks like this when invoked:

It doesn’t offer to rotate anything. Are you confusing us with your naming or have I misunderstood your meaning in some other way?

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