Scale tool creates a new edge (in different face)

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a misusing, but it happens sometimes and I couldn’t find a pattern. When I try to scale a face that is aligned with others, I got a new edge connecting two different faces. It sounds confusing, so I believe that the video can help.

My guess would be that your main face is every so slightly off axis.
Try using the Text tool on the four corners and see if they all have the same second coordinate.

Looks like they are in the same coordinate.

Please share the file so we all can have a look at what might be wrong.

Sure. Here it is.
scale bug.skp (76.6 KB)

I can reproduce what you see. If you turn up the units precision and then label all of the corners of all the rectangles you will see that the left edges of the inset ones are very slightly off the green==0 plane whereas the large rectangle is exactly on green==0. The misalignment is so tiny it seems like it shouldn’t have any effect, yet it appears the scale tool is sensitive to it! This seems like a bug to me.

@slbaumgartner I agree with you. After changing this little misalignment, the behavior changed and I don’t see that line anymore. Thank you for helping me.

My question is, how should I report this bug?

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