Scale Tool and Dimensions

When using the scale tool, one drags one of the active edges and moves it in or out. The numbers in the Measurements box indicate a percentage of the scaling with 1.0 being no change. One can enter a value and have the tool scale by that percentage. When scaling in 2 dimensions, values are entered separated by a comma.

Does that statement show an understanding of how the tool works? Are there other features of the tool that one should know about? Is there a way to scale to a specific dimension instead of a percentage value? If so, how is it done?

I ask because some tools have parameters that can be entered to affect the action the tools take.


Add the unit for a specific dimension.

One doesn’t drag an edge; one drags one of the scaling handles (the green cubes on the corners and middle of the faces). Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging a handle to scale uniformly about the center. Use a corner grip to scale proportionately; use a side grip to scale uni-directionally.


Many people miss this very obvious feature.

And as long as you use the unit it can be a mixture of imperial or metric.


If you open the Instructor window, it will show specific help for any tool. There are links on the instruction pages that lead to online help pages for more information, such as:

SketchUp User Guide: Scaling Your Model or Parts of Your Model