Scale to surface?

Hi everyone!

I am wondering if there is a way to scale something to a surface? Like flowify, but instead of just landing on the surface it is stretched from one surface profile to another surface profile by the difference in the distance between profiles?

I am trying to make this beautiful shape that I used loft to spline after following this painstaking prcedure: making a quarter of a superelipse curve, multiplying the curve with ctrl move, and then scaling them them each up to the first profile, rotating them to be perpendicular to the face of the profile intersection (the deck bottom), then stretching them to the second profile face intersection (the hull). Cleaning up all the reference lines and whatnot took all day itself.

Well, I realized the deck was a little long there and now I need to do all of that again for this pretty shape to fit to the hull. I figured there has to be a stretch to surface or something so I dont have to scale each curve in 3 dimensions to two surfaces before lofting. Is there some other way to do this?!