Scale in Layout

I just got on the latest ver. of Layout.
I have my viewports set to 1/4" scale,…I export like I usually do,
then import into VW like I have done a 1000 times…but I’m not getting 1/4" scale…UGH…

any help?.

Can you share an LO file that shows this?

What is “VW”?

See encl. file… VW is vectorworks… thanks

And what are you exporting from LayOut to import into Vectorworks?

Could it have anything to do with your viewports being rendered as Raster instead of Hybrid or the fact that you have the paper size set to 200" x 12"?

Hi, exporting PNG, then import that into vectorworks as jpg…

That doesn’t seem like a good way to maintain scale. Why export as PNG and import as JPG? Are you opening the PNG in some application to convert it to JPG? Or better, how are you converting the PNG to JPG?

I have done this for years… no problem…
I just imported as PNG same issue…like the scale is off 1.3…??

here is what I bring into VW…

I just export as png. to desktop, then drop into VW paper space set to 1/4…used to always work…UGH…

What are you using for export settings when yuou export the PNG?

I don’t understand how you are exporting a PNG from LayOut and importing it as a JPG into VW. There has to be a conversion taking place somewhere in between for that.

Why are you exporting PNG and importing JPG into VW?
You get a picture not something you can import as an object.
SU components and models can be imported into VW and converted into Objects that you can use and reuse.
Or are you just using the LO views as flat pictures directly in VW.
I use VW Spotlight along with SU. SU is easier for me to create components and models to use in VW.