Scale drawing for PP

I need to submit drawings for Planning Permission extension.

Am i right in thinking if i measure accurately my house and garden and the surrounding houses, driveway, road etc and draw it in 3d in Sketchup i can then import the drawing into Layout at the required 1:100 scale 2d drawings on A3 paper size for the council.
When i import the 3d will it be at the correct scale?
I have free trial of Pro and Layout but have been using free Sketchup for a while.

Any help is good.



Most LPAs prefer that you use the Planning Portal. You would need to export the 2D plans from Layout as PDFs to do this.

If you submit them as paper then you need to make sure that the printer prints out the page at 100% or a scale bar on the drawing might be acceptable.

You will need to create parallel projection scenes in SketchUp, insert the SketchUp model into Layout and create the viewports you need of the SketchUp scenes at the required scale.

You actually don’t have to create the elevational and plan scenes in SketchUp, as the scene viewports in Layout can be individually configured to show parallel projection front, rear, side, etc. at scale.

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When i import into Layout will they be to the 1:100 scale at A3.
I will be using the portal, not actually printing them, its just what they asked for.

When you insert the SketchUp model into Layout it will create a single viewport not at any specific scale.

The scale is set for each viewport in Layout.

Copy and paste this viewport for the number of scenes that you need and setup each viewport for the required elevation or plan.