Saving to thumbdrive

If I save my drawing to my thumbdrive so I can bring it to a professional printer, any and all sketchup items I have saved do not show up on the thumb drive and therefore they cannot be printed. only when i bring the thumb drive back to my office and plug into my computer does the sketchup items show up for me to print on my 8x11 piece of paper. How can i save anything i draw and actually have it printed to a printer NOT connected to my computer??? HELP

Your professional printer would need to have SketchUp installed to be able to open your saved file(s). That’s probably not their thing, though. Use LayOut to set up pages to show your model as you need. Export to PDF and save that to your thumbdrive to take to the printer. They can surely open and print PDF files. You could also e-mail the PDF file to the printer and maybe save yourself a trip.

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Dave, I have tried to export to PDF but I can’t. when I am in layout and hit export all I get is 3D Model, 2D Graphic and Animation. Would you point me in the PDF direction please? Thank you for your response.

That sounds like you’re still in SketchUp. Those options are the SketchUp export options. In LayOut it looks like this:
Screenshot - 3_3_2021 , 2_35_18 PM

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Good morning Dave – Yes, I am able to get to what you showed below, but as soon as I hit PDF anything related to Sketchup does not show up on my computer or thumb drive. It’s as if Sketchup never existed.

Have you set up the LayOut document with the scenes from your model? You need to do that before you export to PDF. And once you do export to PDF you should see a pdf file in the location you set up to save it.

Upload your SketchUp model file so I can see what you are working with.

By the way, what operating system and graphics card are you using? You entered nonsense in your profile for that information.