Saving to computer

Has the SketchUp file format somehow been linked to the Acrobat application? When you double click on a SketchUp file in a folder window, does it try to open it with Acrobat? Are your folders set to hide file extensions?

Dave, got it working to save to skp file, thank you for your help!


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Dave, good afternoon, I have an issue in sketchup. I have created a model and placed text into the model. Now I cannot click on the text to move it or edit it, I have watched several videos but none can help me out, thank you


What kind of text is it? If it’s screen text try dragging a selection window around it. Then you can use the Move tool to move it.

Dave, I got it I had to select the text at the very front of the text to highlight it, but all is ok and thank you for your response so quickly, have a great holiday!