Saving to computer

everytime I save it goes directly into internet explorer and then i cannot open need some help please

What version of SketchUp are you using? You posted in the SketchUp for Schools category (which is a web-based version) but your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro?


I move your thread to the Pro category, then.

Please complete your profile with the version number so we don’t have to ask in the future.

Did you install SketchUp 2021 correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, do so now and then choose the Repair option when it is presented.

Is it Internet Explorer that is opening or File Explorer?


profile was completed sketchup 2021 pro was installed correctly, reinstalled and my items still only open into internet explorer and I cannot open them, I have to export to my desktop then insert into powerpoint but then I have a printing problem with text I cannot arrange my text to be printed the text moves all around, this sketchup is getting me no where and I am getting very frustrated. please help thank you

This is what your profile shows. It does not show which version of SketchUp you are using.

Show an example of what you are seeing. What are you exporting? What are you inserting into PowerPoint? Where is this text you’re referring to? In Sketchup or in PowerPoint?

I’m happy to help you but you have to meet me half way. Give useful information, provide your SketchUp model file, something to go on.

Why are you using PowerPoint? What is your end goal?

Dave, I am not sure where to find that information for sketchup the version? I have looked everywhere in sketchup but cannot locate that information thank you

You might try the Help menu. CLick on About SketchUp.

where is the help menu and the about sketchup? thank you

Screenshot - 8_31_2021 , 7_53_33 AM

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Dave, yes I found that and looked at all the options but could not find a place to save sketchup models. still having a problem with saving they go to internet explorer and I cannot open them, thank you.

I asked you to tell us what version of SketchUp you are using so we can help you with this saving problem you seem to be having. That’s why I asked you to go to Help>About SketchUp.

I think at this point you need to take your computer to a computer shop or something and get them to help you with this. It shouldn’t take going back and forth for four weeks or more to get this solved but it seems impossible to get you to answer the questions that would allow us to help you. I expect a computer technician would be able to show you in just a few minutes how to do what you need to do.

Dave here is the version # : 21.1.299 64 bit thank you


Please update your profile to include that information so we don’t have to ask next time.

So now, go to File>Save…
Screenshot - 8_31_2021 , 9_51_33 AM

…choose where you want to save it, give it a name and click Save.

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Dave now it only saves to a PDF file and I cannot open the document? Thank you this should not be that difficult, maybe this software is for professionals? Thanks

SketchUp won’t save your file as a PDF. You can export the file as a PDF but to do that, you need to being using File>Export>2D Image.

Dave, it automatically saved it to PDF in the save mode to documents or to desktop? Thank you


It wouldn’t do that if SketchUp is correctly installed. Try repairing the installation. Close SketchUp, find the installer file. It should still be in your Downloads folder or go to and download it again. Right click on the downloaded file, choose Run as administrator. Approve the installation and then, if given a choice, choose Repair. After that power your computer comppletely off and restart it. Open SketchUp and make a simple model to save. Make sure you are using Save, not Export.

Dave, I will have to get our IT person to do this, I do not have administrator rights, thank you


They need to install it under your login by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator.