Saving the project as a backup every 10 minutes

Hello Sketchup community.
Sketachup automaticly save backup. I set 10 minutes. But I thinking about separate files with the date like this.

Project name - 2021.10.10
Project name - 2021.10.20
Project name - 2021.10.30
Project name - 2021.10.40
Project name - 2021.10.50
Project name - 2021.11.00

I could go back to the earlier changes if I mess up something and quit the program. It takes up a lot of space. So you have to allocate a separate disk for this.

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I feel really stupid saying this, but I manually do this every hour or so.

e.g. copy my file and save into a backup folder “2021 10 04 - 10 12 - file name - major iteration”.