Saving Layout Drawing Error

I’ve updated to 2015 Pro and when trying to SAVE AS a LAYOUT document it is not allowing me to SAVE anything but a TEMPLATE drawing. I save my drawings with project number and date and the error message claims to save without punctuation marks. Even when I save as JUST ‘TEMPLATE’ is gives me this error - NOT ABLE To Save LAYOUT drawings at all.
Anyone have this same issue?

I’m only able to SAVE AS a TEMPLATE rather than a separate file name.
Any information as to why this is happening would be helpful. Didn’t have this issue with previous versions.

I was experiencing the same problem but after an hour of frustrating experiments I discovered that the file I was trying to save was in a folder that had a name starting with an asterisk… *PROJECTS. I use the asterisk so that the folder appears at the top of the folder list (I’m ON MAC OS X). As soon as I renamed the folder without the asterisk the problem disappeared!