Saving components and importing into other files/drawings?


As a bit of a rookie (v much a rookie) I have previously used groups for almost everything, rather than components.

99% of my work is in-frame kitchen design/manufacture, and as such I frequently find myself designing the same unit again and again (600mm belfast sink unit being the prime example).

I have been trying to save the unit (inclusive of carcase/faceframe/doors/sink all saved as groups during drawing) as a component in a folder I have created so that in future I can just import the unit rather than re-drawing.

For some reason, once imported into my drawing, the drawing itself is invisible- only the blue box framing the component is visible? Eh!?!

Any tips on how to create, and more pressingly, use a catalogue of units I can build up over time would be great!

Thanks in advance!



Make each of your groups into a component (or better, a hierarchy of components, eg, sink unit, sink, counter top, cupboard base/base side/base back/base bottom/kick plate etc). Give each one a meaningful name.

Then select one top level component and Right click and choose Save As… , give it a file name, and change the folder name if needed.

In a new drawing, just choose File/Import, pick the component, and (re)use it.

You can do the same with sub components too.