Saving (blue) sticks instead of getting to Save (grey)

@Mark ,
When I use SketchUp Free on my Chromebook I keep seeing “ SAVING ” ( light or dark blue ) instead of “ SAVED ” ( grey ) lately, since latest update, I think May 20. I don’t loose my model though, but it doesn’t seem right.
(The model is named and has been saved previously)

Also it’s kind of hard to find “About” that used to appear at the bottom/left. How do I easily reach that info?

p.s. great that Shortcuts has been implemented !!!

Okay @Mark, closing and re-opening the app seems to do the trick. Things are back to normal.
Although I wonder why these issues do happen from time to time “out of the blue”.
I did use the latest update of SketchUp Free for a few days without any problems.

Unfortunately I did loose about 1hour of work, so what caused SketchUp to hang?

I did see a longer than expected Saving yesterday, and also found I could continue modeling while that was going on. I was testing a larger than typical model at the time. I have a theory about what is going on, Mark can let us know if I’m remotely on the right lines.

When you click Save there are some number of seconds while SketchUp gets mentally prepared to do the save. After that it will be uploading the model, so that it’s saved online. That’s when you see the Saving message. You can continue working during that time. When Saving goes away it will most likely say Save, unless you have done no changes, in which case it will say Saved. Do any changes, and it’s Save again.

So, times when it is apparently stuck in Saving could be when you have a large model and your Internet upload speed isn’t ideal at the moment. A good way to work might be to proactively do a Save, wait for it to say Saving, and then carry on with your next changes. No matter how slow your Internet is, it hopefully will be back on Save before you are ready to save your recent changes.

I tried leaving the model alone for a while, to see if an auto save also showed the Saving message, but that didn’t happen. Mark has mentioned that there will be auto save options added, once those are there you could set it to auto save every five minutes, or whatever you prefer, and at the five minute mark things will appear to lock up for a moment, Save will change to Saving, and you can carry on working again.

Thank you @colin for looking into this.
In my case the “Saving” stayed there for ages. (without and with making some change (an edge)). My internet connection is above average. Nothing could get me out of there.
I could continue working indeed, but some work was lost later.
I had to close the app and start it again to kick it to life. And then load the model file again (previous saved version, also according to its ‘History’.
Things seem to be back to normal FAIK.

I saw this too but when I pressed it again it immediately switched to Saved (I was in a very small model that probably took around 0 seconds to save).