Saving '24 Models - Backwardly Compatible?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time updating models with SU’24 and every time I open or save the model, the dynamic components change somewhat in their geometry? As these are fairly complex DCs used for precise production, we can’t tolerate any change in geometry. Is there any way to save '24 models backwardly compatible to a previously stable version? And can anyone indicate when was the last stable version of SU?

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I think you should go through the formulas in your components to find what is causing them to change when they are updated. I don’t know of any change in the DC functionality itself that would cause this.

Interestingly though, the items that have moved / rescaled worked correctly when originally built in '21! And even when the DC is “redrawn” to refresh all, these items had neither moved of rescaled! It was just on reopening the file all was a mess!