Save print settings with file

Please add the ability to save print settings with each file, instead of having Layout ignore the page size settings in Document Setup and revert to the default Windows printer settings every time. I would say that this is pretty basic functionality for any graphic output application.

How it affects me (and I would guess my situation is pretty typical of a professional user in the design field): My Layout work is mostly large format and in color, printed on a roll plotter. But every time I print a drawing, I have to select the plotter AND change the paper size, because my Windows default is black and white letter size on a laser printer. And it really needs to stay that way, so I don’t inadvertently waste $20 worth of plotter paper printing a spec book downloaded from a website to the default printer.

… and if this is too complicated, a workable alternative would be to 1) allow a default printer to be set in Layout, different from the Windows default, and 2) have Layout select a paper size based on the paper size in Document Settings.

Check that default printing preferences for your plotter are set to the page size and paper type you use (Start menu>Devices and Printers>Printing preferences). At least here LO respects the default paper settings for each printer.


Well, that would be a slight improvement, but Layout has never respected my default paper size. My plotter is set to a 24" x 36" default, but LayOut always sets it to 8-1/2" x 11", which is the default size for the Windows default printer.