Save as failure

I want to save an existing model but with a new file name so I use the “Save As” option but I get this error message says failed to save file

How large is the file? Is it possible you were using a disallowed character in the file name?

Hi DaveR

The file size is 219 KB and I can open and view it and work in it using Sketchup Shop. I tried “save as” using a single word as the new name but the “save as” failed miserably !!.

So then I exported it as a dwg file and was able to open the file with Sketchup Pro that I just downloaded as a Free Trial……and am able to save the file with a new name -no problem.

So that is my story and I am sticking to it !!!

cheers, BobS

Can you share the .skp file? I’ll try using Save as… in Shop to see what I get. What browser have you been using? What is the operating system? “office 365” isn’t an operating system.

I’d guess Windows as I’ve never heard of an NVIDIA card in a Mac. Also office, Microsoft, Windows, all the same thing :roll_eyes:

You may not have, many of us have.
Also there are differences in win 7, 8 and 10, so it’s important to know.

Alright good to know.

same problem

Please don’t double post.