SandBox: Weld "From Scratch" Grids together?

I just learned SandBox today …

I would like to know if one can bind or weld multiple perpendicular “FROM SCRATCH” GRIDS together to allow for “Smooving” of perpendicular planes? For example, if I make a cube out of “FROM SCRATCH” GRIDS, say to model a sofa cushion, why can’t I bind the adjacent GRID edges so that I can modify each plane to represent bulges or indentations?

Also, I notice that I can ONLY “SMOOVE” along the VERTICAL axis. It would be nice to be able to SMOOVE in all directions to represent organic models.

Can anyone shed light on this for me?

Thank you VERY much!


That should probably be, “I just started learning Sandbox today.”

A “From Scratch” grid is just a bunch of individual edges in a group, so perhaps your issue has to do with group behavior. I don’t know what you mean by “binding.” If you want to combine two grids into a single object, you can group them together, exploding their respective separate groups. If you want to actually integrate the two grids into one continuous grid, you can either move them into contact or stitch them together or some combination.

Smoove normally operates along the vertical axis. Use Shift-Smoove to deform the grid along some other axis.


Edit: Sorry, Ctrl-Smoove should be Shift-Smoove. I’ve updated the text above.

BOY, you got that right … there are a great deal of twists and turns in this SU journey - aren’t there?!


THANK you Gully_Foyle, I am going to try out your recommendations tonight.

I captured a screen video to illustrate my questions, but don’t see where I can load it for reference.

My first pass at a sofa cushion using the Vertex Tools!

NOTE: A few things could be easier, like selecting the conjoining lines / path around the top rim of the cube for the “Follow Me” action to make the piping.