Sandbox Tools From Contours Doesn't work on grouped edges

I’m trying to map some terrain. I’ve created a series of edges that I’ve grouped. When I select the group and then “from contours” I get error “you must first select the contours you wish to use to create the sandbox before using this tool”. If I explode the group, It works. Seems like I should be able to use this on a group of edges. ???

Open the group for editing so you can select the contours and then run From Contours.

Like other drawing tools, you can’t modify the edges inside the group without opening it for editing.

What gave you this idea?

lack of depth of understanding about how groups work. I had some nested groups and other junk in the geometry. Got it cleaned up and from contours works as expected on the open group. user enlightened. Thanks.

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You can’t use form contours on grouped edges. You need to explode them to have it work. If that tool is helpful to you, you should look into getting the plugin curviloft. It can do exactly what form contours does but even better! It has more options and it can automatically adjust face overlapping.

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 12.19.08 PM

No you don’t need to explode them. As the OP found, he only needed to open the group for editing to use From Contours and that worked fine. Using Curviloft would also work when the group is opened for editing.