Sandbox in 2019 doesn't work


I’m an M&S Sketchup Pro that updated to 2019 today. Upon first launch I began the arduous task of Extension migration (…if you understand that, you’re in the right place!). Logged in and went to My Extensions. Sandbox was showing as incompatible…hmmm. I uninstalled it. Quit. Re-opened. Went to Extension Warehouse for Sandbox and it shows ‘compatible with Sketchup 2019’ so loaded it. To be safe, quit, and re-opened. Tried Tools > Sandbox > From Scratch. I can begin drawing one vector but cannot click to end it’s length. I can type in a value and line freezes. I try drawing the orthogonal length and no trailing line. I tried typing in a value with also no luck. I need to press Escape to get out.

So, Trimble, Sandbox is NOT compatible in Sketchup Pro 2019 for macOS. Please fix asap.


What happens if you use extension manager, log out and back in (if necessary), before loading extensions?


I too saw odd behaviour on first use…

try setting the grid size to 10 cm first and see if it works…

the default was set at >100 m on mine…




If you open the ruby console dialog (Window > Ruby Console) and use the Sandbox From Scratch tool, are there any errors that come up in the console?

Also, what is your grid spacing size set to?