Same Image in Component Options

Why I’m seeing the exact same image in the Component Options Pop-Up which is from a Component I created months ago? This is when I’m creating a Group. Is the Thumbnail not changed when creating a Group? Is it always the Thumbnail of the last Component created?

It is the thumbnail of the definition of the instance selected.

(But there have been some bugs in recent versions with component thumbnails, which I thought were fixed. That is to say that a thumbnail bug is quite possible as it’s occurred in the past, assuming you are up to using the latest version.)

I don’t know, but a group is just a special component instance (with special behaviors) that also has a component definition.

I’d suggest posting a pared down model that shows the issue.

And (if not yet up to using the latest version,) checking the release notes to see if perhaps something like this was fixed since.

It seems Thumbnails are only derived from the creation of Components. When assessing the Component Options Pop-up will always show the Thumbnail of the last created Component.
Not sure if that’s a feature or a bug, since I’m using the features of the Dynamic Components on Groups.

Dynamic groups must be nested. By design, the top level must be a Dynamic Component.