SAM match problem

I tried to match photo of SAM unit to build model. But I found that the image is a bit deformed so I cannot fit it accurately. You can see the right side does not fit. I have already deformed the image using editing software but the right side is the problem now. Do you have some advice how to deform the image or any idea how to fit it?

I am trying to find out why the file v8 is not been attached (I have uploaded it). Never mind. Please download the file here:

PS 2: Please save your file in v8 version, because I cannot open it in newer SU versions.

Was the image cropped in any way? You should not use cropped images with MatchPhoto

I don’t think the image is cropped. See it here:

I would think it was cropped as most photos for publication are modified in some way. In this photo, the device is centered in the image and the aspect ratio does not look like one that would come from a camera.

For MatchPhoto to work correctly, the photo cannot be cropped in order for the calibration to work correctly.


Thank you. I tried to make the SAM model from a diagram. However I had problems with the axis. First I noted that the axis were incorrectly set so the green and red are inverted and I could not find out how to correct it. And secondly when I have seen some line is not perpendicular I tried to fixed it by editing photomatch but in that case I did not fit the model to the axis (axises? - plural?)…

I uploaded file v8 here:

It is almost finished but some things are not accurate. I had problems to determinate the length and width of the profiles because the rear left “leg” is not visible. So there was problem to find the correct position.

The most problems I has was the problem with axes because component in front are not visible and is hard to select them. To select, I had to rotate, and then click on the lab Scene.

The Match Photo feature requires that lines receed to vanishing points on the horizon. The horizontal lines in your image don’t do that because you had the camera set up for Parallel Projection. That’s as bad as cropping or manipulating the image in an image editor.

Ah. Thank you.

I tried this image to draw chemin model:

I have the model finished but I cannot success to project the textures. I cannot find out why the axis are so wrong. The model is turned like in a mirror so the textures are not projected correctly. How to fix this?

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