Sailboat hull in sandbox


I am modeling a 50’ sailboat. I have created a series of horizontal slices representing the desired hull shape at 12 inch intervals. The inside face has been deleted leaving me with a stack of wire frames. Essentially it’ looks like a topo of a mountain upside down. I am attempting to use sandbox " to contours" to skin the hull. After selecting all the wire frames, when I try to use sandbox it doesn’t recognize the wire frames as contours. I used this feature in creating the superstructure (above deck) so I know it is working. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong.


Are these waterlines? Are they closed loops?

I’ve draw a few sailboat hulls using Curviloft which works well.


I thought sandbox needed closed contours?
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I’d say we need more info to see what the problem is.
As you can see here, it is possible to use sandbox with something as basic as endpoints.


Sandbox “drops” its surface down along the blue (Z) axis. to use it as a lofting tool, you would put your hull, or half of it, on the red-blue plane. Sandbox cannot create surfaces that are vertical or curving inwards, so it would skip those points.


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