S-shaped curve (beginner question)

(beginner question)
I am trying to make a walkway that is essentially an S-shaped curve. I cannot find a basic tutorial on how to do this.
I understand that I can make a series of end-to-end arcs but when I try this, there is generally one that does not align along the tangent of the adjacent curve so there is a “kink” in the overall curve. (In AutoCAD I could even make the curve using a series of circle that hit the tangent points of the adjacent curves…can’t figure out if this is possible in the free SketchUp version.)
Somehow one or more of the arcs is not on the “base” plane.
No idea what I am doing wrong.
Thank you.

You might find it easier to start by drawing a large rectangle on the ground plane. Then draw the arcs so they are laying on the face of the rectangle. With practice you’ll find you don’t need the face but starting out, it’s often easier. As for making the curves tangent to each other, that’ll have to do with where you start the arc and how far you pull it out. If you have some way to identify and locate the centers of the arcs, you might find the Arc tool easier than the 2-Point Arc tool.

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The two point arc should stay tangent to the previous version as you draw another instance off the end, it stays cyan? offset each side should get you a path.

the curves on corners indicate tangent by their magenta color.

“If” you were able to use plugins there are some bezier curve options available.


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