Running tape plugin

Hi all,

Is the running tape pluggin still supported ? I havnt used it for a long time but it is useful for measureing pipe lengths for quoting.

Im getting the following. I have tried uninstalling/ reinstall, nothing works.

Any ideas?

Screenshot 2024-03-25 141537

well from what I read there, it’s not an issue of support but of licence.

you have to buy a licence on the extension warehouse for it to work
(edit : not sketchucation, I typed faster than my brain was running)

Presumably you have purchased a license for it sometime in the past. Probably the license file was deleted at some point. Or never got transferred to the version of SketchUp that you are using. Did you try clicking on Update License?

I did try updating with no luck. I think i did buy it many years ago but cannot find my email. I also tried to contact the developor with no luck.

Were you using it in a previous version of SketchUp? How did you install it in the current version you are using? 2022?

Yes i belive so, when i was in 2021. Im now in 2022, god know how i installed all my plugins. Im not tech savy. Its one of the reasons why i havnt moved to 2024 yet… :see_no_evil: the usual way i guess.

If you copied them from the 2021 Plugins folder to the 2023 Plugins folder, that would account for the license not being recognized. This is one of the reasons why the advice is to install extensions fresh from their sources. I don’t know where that extension is looking for the license but you could search for it. If you have it, you should be able to copy it to the correct location.

Probably another reason you haven’t moved to 2024 is that it hasn’t been released yet. :wink:

The recommended way is to install fresh from the source but many users resist that and just copy them from one version to the next. That will work for some extensions but not all, especially if they are paid extensions with license files unless the license files are handled correctly, too.

Hopefully you’ll hear from the author and they will be able to help you out.

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Thanks for the advice, i would have defianlty copied them over. I will try and look for it and copy over.

thank you

Maybe when you do update to SketchUp 2024 you should install the extensions correctly to make sure you have the latest versions. That will most likely be critical for extensions that you need to use.

a few month ago there were problems with licensing on the extension warehouse, @colin was able to solve some of them.
I think it was because the email used for the account had changed between the purchase and today or something like that.

maybe he can check your purchases from the inside.

That extension, and a few of the other ones you use, had an issue with them. I took care of them at our end. Either the license will work right away, or if you uninstall and reinstall the extension it should get the license ok after that.

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Thanks all, i will try again tomorrow.