Runcheck for SKETCHUP2018: Error 1


Good evening.
Starting Runcheck for SketchUp 2018 notifies Errore1.
The PC mounts AMD Ryzen 16 core and GTX1060.
I’ve known this problem since I installed VRay 3.6.
How can I do it?.
I think SketchUp does not exploit the graphics card and VRay only works in CPUs, I can not use the hybrid since the graphics card works slow motion.
Thank you.


Did you install both programs by rightclicking on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’?

Make sure SketchUp uses the GPU, rightclick on an empty space of the desktop and open Nvidia control panel. Add SketchUp to the programs that must use the strong graphics cards (3D settings-Programs tab)

Check the settings in Vray:


I tried with various settings of the card envy but I have not solved the problem.
I am attaching the image of the problem.
I also have the FILE “LOG” RUNCHECK.
Who can I send it to?,


You can ignore that message. The tool exposes a Windows bug. It doesn’t indicate any problems with your GPU or with SketchUp. See the Help File article:


The checkup tools has an error that it won’t display the correct graphic RAM. Ignore.

The specs of the machine should be good, did you build it yourself? If so, do other programs use the GPU?

You also did not answered my initial questions:

What version of Vray?


i Mike.
I installed with right click “Run as Administrator”.
The version of VRay. 3.06.03: The latest version for SketchUp 2018.
It seems that does not exploit the video card in the hybrid.
This little changes my work: I use a Ryzen 16 core, I do the render with CPU and are very fast.
The big problem is the management of the toolbars that cannot be disabled by the “Manage extensions” of SketchUp.
I hope you get a SketchUp update soon, you resolve the compatibility issues with VRay.
It’s a pity to have two high-level programs and not exploit them to 100%.


Thank you for your answer.
I’m not sure… I was going crazy.


Do you mean that you cannot disable Vray in the Extension Manager?

It does not uninstall an extension, it only tells which extensions to be loaded on start up.
There was a bug last year that showed some conflict with other extensions, the workaround involved disabling extensions by clicking ‘disable’ in the Extension Manager, make a scene, save the file and the quit and restart to see if the disabled extensions were still ‘disabled’

If I do, you will get one, to!
There has not been a maintenance release this year, yet and since Trimble bought SketchUp it has always released maintenance versions throughout the year (usually around februari and one more around summertime)
When november ends, there is usually a major version release.

I have no issues with Vray. I do not work for Trimble SketchUp, nor for Vray.

Yes, that can be frustrating. They are both seperate companies with their own backgrounds and goals.
Now, it sometimes seems that they are pick-pointing to each other when something does not work.

Maybe someone in the chaos forum has dealt before with your specific problems