RubyTMiX problems

I used RubyTMIX for a long time…I created over 100 objects, and exported them but then suddenly I get this error:

windows 7 print screen

Please HELP!!

  • Is it now in general not working (like if something broke), or only with the current file?
  • Have you thought about whether the current file could be in any way different from the other 100 files?

The error message says that an argument has been passed to an internal method (Ruby?, C extension?, external program?) that is not supported by this method. If there is such a restriction, RubyTMiX should have validated the arguments or textures or file names or model beforehand.

  • One suspicious part of the error message is “agapanthus.alacal?.jpg”

    • The file system on your OS (Windows) does not support ? in file names (but due to this you would normally not be able to have such a file on disk).
    • It could be that the error text shows a fallback character (ASCII ‘?’) instead of a Unicode character. While the file system supports Unicode in file names, some softwares do not. If that applies to RubyTMiX, it could have caused the error.
      Can you check the full file name of the texture as it is displayed in the file manager (Windows Explorer) or in SketchUp’s Materials browser?
  • Is the extension RubyTMiX open source, so that it allows digging into the source code to understand the error? If not, all is speculation and there is nothing you can do on your own. You would better contact the developer of RubyTMiX, not this forum.