Ruby Developer for a Proof of Concept


For the purpose of building a working demo or minimal viable product that demonstrates the product configuration opportunity in Trimble Sketchup. The products are playground components. The following custom, Ruby Scripting is needed.

Sketchup Extension for Custom Scripting:
a) A custom component catalog is needed to organize the product models
b) A global color scheme dialogue to set colors globally (for products only) across the model
c) Enable rotation routine after inserting a component from the catalog
d) ā€˜Zā€™ input window for a select group of products after inserting from the product catalog
e) A button to export item numbers to a CSV file to process additional reporting
f) Clamp conflict warning window
g) Fall zone area generation

Scope sheet is available below.
Sketchup Ruby Scripting 08081600.pdf (489.0 KB)


Hi there,

I am pretty sure I could help you with the development of this proof of concept. Most items that are listed in the scope sheet I have done before in other SketchUp plugins. Please feel free to contact me. You can always connect to me on linkedIn: