Ruby Console not working

This is what I get when I type “UI.BEEP” into the ruby console. Not sure how to fix this!

Hi, I think you should try to type UI.beep and not UI.BEEP.
Uppercase matters.
Have a nice day


Got it. Thanks

The error messages in Ruby exceptions tell you what is wrong.

In this case, that the UI module has no defined method named "BEEP".

So usually when we see this message, it is the result of a spelling error in the method name our code has attempted to call. If you know the spelling, you can correct it, but if not then you go to the API documentation for the UI module (or what module or class the message indicates,) and look up the correct spelling.

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… and @wbielski please edit the topic title as it is both vague and incorrect.
Ie, it was was yourself not working … :wink: