Ruby code to create faces of terrain

I am using SU 8 on Windows XP.

I have created terrain based on topographic map. Original file contains some groups of countours which result in “steps”. From the original file i have created this one, where I have removed vertical lines so you can see only the horizontal faces + some vertical lines which should be deleted too (but they’re many so i don’t do this manually).

I want to ask you if anyone here would be able to write Ruby code that would generate skewed faces so the result would create hills from these horizontal faces.

Or if you have any program for this. If you will upload any file for me pls export to SU8.

exploded.skp (2.4 MB)

You can do this with the built in sandbox tools. Select the contour edges, then click on the 1st icon, “From Contours”
Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 23.08.20

You can even ignore all the extra lines. Open your ‘set’ group for editing, select all, from contours.

Thank you!