Ruby bug or documentation correction; SU 2020.1 page.update(16) vs page.update(384)

Just noticed a problem in 2020.1.
Trying to hide a group on multiple pages using Page.update(16). It doesn’t work anymore as in 2020.0. To get it working again I used page.update(384).

Api documentation may need a slight correction.

  • 16 - Hidden Geometry & Objects,
  • 128 - Hidden Geometry,
  • 256 - Hidden Objects
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I’d call this a bug. I think 16 should be interpreted as 384, and existing plugins would work without being changed.

Even better would of course be if the API from the starts had constants PAGE_HIDDEN, PAGE_CAMERA etc, and PAGE_HIDDEN being redefined from 16 to PAGE_HIDDEN_GEOMETRY & PAGE_HIDDEN_OBEJCTS in SketchUp 2020.

Hmmm … but in older versions 16 will still only be toplevel geometry and objects.

Please open an issue in the API Issue Tracker.

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Just entered the issue in the tracker.

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