Ruby API Feature Request



I use the Sketchup Ruby API frequently both to draw and animate. I love the product but there is one feature that I have long wanted.

Is there a mechanism whereby a Ruby animation code extension could be embedded into a drawing file such that a customer would not need to do a separate install of the extension prior to loading the drawing file?

This capability could obviate the need for many users to use the extensions manager since the extensions would be temporary and become automatically unloaded when the file is closed. The user would not need to learn details of the Sketchup Plugins folder.

Further, this capability would be a very convenient way to distribute extension code. Drawing code could be embedded in an otherwise empty file such that the drawing could be customized through the extensions menu.

Thanks again for this product,
Bob Rice

About the Ruby API category

executable code ‘hidden’ inside document files is generally called a ‘trojan’ or a ‘virus’…

most OS’s and software go to extreme efforts to block the loading of this type of embedded code…

edit: one month late… was this another popped back up by our friends retreat?