"Rubber Band" Solids

Started to get an issue with modifying solids. If I have an established solid and I want to modify it’s size, I will typically drag a selection around a portion of the solid to stretch it, and while doing so, it’ll immediately snap back, like a rubber band. If I’m not quick enough to specify the new size, it’ll keep doing it. I’m puzzled as to why it does this. I can use the scale tool without issue, but that would distort my end faces as they are rounded off, so modifying like I said above is the best way. Would it be due to the corners being filleted that it causes SU to snap the selection back to its original position? This is very frustrating.

Attach an example.

I’d also want to see an example to be certain, but my guess is that there are inference points that the move tool is snapping to. That would happen in particular if you are trying to move the end by only a small amount. One workaround if that is the case would be to create a temporary guide point or line, or draw a temporary edge to create a point you can snap to.

Sorry for the late reply, but with my day-to-day job being hectic enough, I had to wait to catch a break. In any case, I apologize for the hasty post I made about this. Not long after I made the post, I went back into the model, saved it, closed SU and then re-opened SU and the model. I proceeded to try and replicate the issue and low and behold, everything was fine. I have no idea what made everything go bust before, but everything was ok now.

@slbaumgartner the reference to inferencing you made, was exactly what I was trying to use, when stretching the objects, as I usually do to keep everything in plane, and as I said before, the object would snap back. I can now perform the same functions as before without problems. Thanks for the interest.

Do you have Model info>units>length snapping turned off? It should be off.

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Yeah, it was off, but I never had a problem with length snapping before, whether that was on or off.