RPC in SketchUp

In other CAD programs I have used RPC cells which add contend for renderings. Is there any support for RPC content in sketch up or planned support.

This is not a Pipe CAD

R(P)Cs in SketchUp at “Window > 3D Warehouse

for P(hotorealistic) look here further:

RPC files are basically a collection of transparent background photographs of an object taken from different angles that are shown or hidden according to your viewing direction. They are mainly supported by some rendering applications. SketchUp uses a similar approach with its face-me type components, but usually with only one face that turns when you orbit your model. As SketchUp does not do photorealistic rendering by itself, a lack of support for expensive photorealistic entourage is understandable. If RPC would like to support SketchUp, they might construct their objects as components and develop a plugin to control their behaviour.