Round dimensions to the nearest 0.5 mm

I feel that’s an oversimplification, or a perspective from a specific use case. In some cases “looking right” and being right are the same thing. It’s important not to limit the uses of SketchUp to the standards or workflows that govern our own particular industries. Architects see the world of designing and documentation through one perspective, a perspective that many of us in other industries do not share. The scope of individual projects, the pace of creation and production, the style of and nature of established communication methods, the oversight, the subtle differences in relationships between designers and production, the expectations of deliverables are all wildly different for different kinds of design. Running shoe designers, solar panel layout technicians, theatrical designers, movie set designers, mechanical designers, landscape architects, interior or furniture designers, comic book background creators so many others I can’t even imagine… all work differently and make the world spin around in their own way. I know when I talk to others I’m often shocked at how their world works and the way they create things, ways which are normal and expected for them. I don’t think it’s always fair to say “you should do it this way, because that’s how everyone does it in my work.” One of the great strengths of SketchUp is it’s flexibility, allowing many of us to use it in different ways for different ends.

I really don’t have a dog in this fight, this feature request isn’t particularly important to me, partially because I often (but not always) produce build docs in imperial where I can already easily limit the fractional precision of dims to 1/2 or 1/64th as it suits me. But I do understand the request and it’s potential use. This feels like a simple refinement of the rounding capabilities that already exist.


yes but obviously it’s not going to be machined from the model because then i would move the hole.

can we use yours ?

did you create an account just to insult people or did you plan on adding anything constructive ?


I strongly disagree. If you measured something to be 1199 mm changing it to 1200 mm is transforming the result to guesswork. If you intended to model something to 1200 mm and resulted in 1199 mm that is just sloppy, incompetent modelling.

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I remember an argument I had with my shop foreman once… he argued that things were ‘close enough’ - and I argued that if you could make it ‘close enough’ (say, to the 32nd, or the 16th) then you had the skill to make it properly.

But we’ve got a new account here that is on a tear so I’ll make some popcorn.

Well that’s the issue right there. Someone made it 1001 instead of rounding it. Somewhere along the line someone also modeled it that way, and you should address them to make sure this stops before it becomes a big issue?

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Let me get this straight. Your issue isn’t about the models accuracy at all right? You don’t want the model to snap or adjust automatically; you want to leave all the faults in the model. Your issue is that sketchup just displays the measurements too precisely and you want them to be rounded up or down just for communication purposes?

This is a handy little tool if things go skewed, but it reports as not compatible with SU2024, will you be updating it?

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It still works on SketchUp 2024 without update needed.

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