Rotation tool erroneously divides other face

Hey there,

I have two faces joined on one edge.
I rotate one of the faces on the joined edge and the other one is getting divided.

Best watch the short screencast to see the problem in action.

I don’t get why.
Any suggestions?


Link is broken for me

Sorry, for that. Fixed.

I see the fold line appear transiently during the rotate, but it goes away as soon as I complete it.

But mine stays like that!? It’s divided without a real edge. Not sure what I am doing differently.

Try the same thing but enter the angle numerically. To my surprise, when I did it that way, the hidden edge remained five out of five times.


The edge is hidden. View > Hidden Geometry to see it.


Wow! Entering the angle makes all the difference!

or equally, to erase it…
it coplanar, but not ‘cleaned up’ if degrees are typed in, very unexpected…

Yep, I see it too! Good catch, Gully!

Let us see whether some keen-eyed member of the SU staff spots this thread.


I restarted my pc and this behavior stopped, at least for now.
Again I am shrugging.