Rotation affecting size

Hi Huys, I’m getting crazy trying to rotate a part in my model.

I’ve read a lot of posts and forums and I didn’t find anyone with the same problem. It’s simple: I just want to rotate a window in -45,-90,0 degrees, like in the enclosed file below.

As you can see, when we click in the window using “Interact Tool”, the dimensions of the wall change. At each click, the dimensions continues changing. But, there’s no reason for this counter-effect in the walls.

Please, try it and let me know if you see the same problem. I’m using Sketchup Pro 2015.

Do you know why it’s happening?

Simple Rotation.skp (21.1 KB)

the object scales after the first interaction, DC1 updates lenY to the open door bounding box size which in turn scales the door. You need to restrict the door size and wall thickness

PS dont place cm after the values

Simple Rotation.skp (22.3 KB)

Thanks pcmoor, it’s working.

But, sincerely, I’m not comfortable with the solution because if I need to resize the part, I’ll need to edit in the component attributes.

I will use DC a lot from now on, and I’m worried of the “work around” I’ll have to use, restricting the developments. This example is a really simple rotation and I can’t understand why it don’t work perfectly.

Do you think it’s a “bug” of the Sketchup version I’m using (Pro 2015)?

ANIMATE("RotZ", -45, -90, 0)

Set as the onClick within ‘WINDOW’ works.
What do you need to refer back to the enclosing ‘DC1’ ?

I assume that resizing is the term you are using for scaling, so then you need to become familiar with the current(“attribute”) formula. I am assuming you are using centimeters, so one needs to multiply this by 2.54 otherwise if inches don’t worry

.Simple Rotation (1).skp (24.0 KB)

making the outer group a component, and use of current makes the object more stable.

Simple Rotation (1).skp (26.8 KB)

There are some issues with scaling DCs as mentioned in a previous post

However depending on your model requirements a solution usually can be made, so continue to post your models and explain what you want them to do

Hi guys. Lets go to my real case.

I want to animate a “clothes line” switching it in the two positions, like in the picture below?

The “Component Attributes” are:

Theorically, it should work perfectly, but it’s not working as expected because in the opened position, it also changes the distance from the wall:

Área de Serviço.skp (936.5 KB)

I’ve already double checked the component axes and it seems to be correct.

If you look at your middle picture, it is evident that the axis origin is at the outside of the rack. That is the center used for the rotation. If you want to rotate around a point on the wall, you need to put the origin on the wall, not the outer surface. It does seem odd that the farther dimension displays as 5mm after the rotation though. That suggests things are not quite aligned.

[edit] Indeed, looking closely, the green axis of the rack is not aligned with its front edge. That’s what causes the far dimension to change.

Hi slbaumgartner, your comments are interesting: axis not aligned.

But, the green axis is in the right position, as you can see in the picture below. Note that this axe is in the two corners of the rack, that are not in the wall (it’s correct, because this is where I want it become the origin of the rotation)

It seems that, besides the correct position of the axis, when I click in the part, it considers another axis. Is it possible? It should refers to it own axis right?

I opened your model, drew a construction line along the front edge of the rack, and then zoomed in very close a little distance from the component’s origin. I can see that the axis diverges from the construction line, meaning they are not aligned. The difference is very small, hence not easy to see.

Hi guys.

I’ve created a completely new design and added more features on it, allowing the user to resize it dynamically (check the “Component Options” of the design below). Now you can resize and define the space between the lines.

All new.skp (94.9 KB)

My last question: why sometimes the the “Component Options” window is empty, even knowing that the DC has options that can be modified?

Thanks all of your for your support.

A behavior which crops up now and again, a bug that has been observed but apparently not resolved

I jumped before looking at your model, You need to transfer data from the parent (all new) to observe options at this level, otherwise you will have to use outliner or click into the Varal (child level) to see the attribute options.

Best to just explode “all new” as not needed

The issue I had with DC`s had stopped, but it took me going back to them everyday “To Check” to see if it would still do it. Then I did not use them for two weeks and when I went to select the Options to change their widths they were not visible again!! So I am just guesting you need to use them every other day so SU remembers (Joking)!! At least I realize now I was not losing my mind…Peace…