Rotating holes in surface

I am trying to rotate the holes in the base 15° to match the position of the posts. If I select a hole and try to rotate it, the surface of the base rotates as well. I am using Sketchup Make 2017. cup rack.skp (89.4 KB)

Draw the holes at an angle. Since you are using SketchUp Make, the simplest thing would be to make copies of your peg components, paste them in place inside the base, explode them and use Intersect Faces. Then erase what isn’t the board. Think of the copies of the pegs as drills.

Here I used keyboard shortcuts.

Select the pegs.
Open the base for editing.
Edit>Paste in place.
Explode the peg components.
Select the top face of the base and run Intersect Faces.
Delete the pegs and the faces skinning the holes.
Correct the face orientation.
Exit edit mode for the base component.
Edit>Paste in place to paste the pegs back in the holes.

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Perfect! Thanks again for the help.

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