Rotating a group using VCB allows only two tries before finishing command

I’m using the rotate tool to adjust some splines against other parts of my model. Unlike the move tool where I can keep entering values in the VCB, rotate “finishes” after the 2nd entry. I’d like to be able to just keep entering different values until I get the exact rotation I want. Like the move tool works.

I’m selecting the group that contains my spline, not the spline (sketchup considers a curve) itself.

Any ideas on this?

You must be doing something to end the rotation. I just keep typing numbers and hitting Enter.

I cannot reproduce this behavior. I can continue to enter new rotation degrees as many times as I like until i click back into the screen or change tools. As Dave shows above. Are you accidentally clicking the mouse? Are you by chance trying to click into the VCB field (not necessary) instead of just typing a value?

I don’t know why the cursor doesn’t show the correct positioning in this capture video. Here I select the rotation vertex, the end point, rotate back and forth with mouse, then enter two values in VCB (18 and 21) and upon the second enter press, I’m finished, the group selection is closed and the curve (spline originally generated with fredospline bezier nurbs) turns to yellow. to rotate again I have to repeat the process.

It would help if you make your video public if you want us to see it.

done. my bad.

template#8.skp (3.5 MB)

try it on this file. select the template#8 group. Rotate, enter some values. It does the same thing. The spline has not had its material/color changed, so it turns back to black.

Video still appears to be private, but:

I see the behavior you are talking about. It does indeed remove the bounding box after the second input, but the item is still selected and you can continue to enter new rotations. Keep typing and pressing enter. I am investigating why the bounding box disappears… although is this not normal behavior? I feel like the bounding box disappears in all versions after a few inputs with rotation.

Indeed: I see this with a fresh template in 21 and 20, just checked in 18 it’s the same there. In rotation the bounding box disappears after the second input but the object is still in rotation and continues to accept rotation input until a change of tools.

I just confirmed on mine that this is the case. I can continue to enter different values and have the rotation happen. actually this will work good as my neon yellow spline will show up nicely against my gross mesh mess and be easier to position without the blue color shift and bounding box.

FYI I’m on version 21.0.391

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