Rotated groups or axis

what is working in a rotated group, have a rotated input group, or have a rotated axis about? I don’t recognize these terms.

In what respect are you seeing these terms? Is there something specific you are trying to do?

I was using an ADA railing addon from Chuck Vali and the rail extension (ADA) is turned sideways pointing left or right into the walkway instead of extending straight inline with the rail. I questioned him and he said check those things I inquired about and I really don’t know what they are and how to check if my file is guilty of one or the other.

ada rail extension.JPG

At a guess, I imagine that the extension is a component and when it is inserted, its axes will be aligned with the axes of the context. Its red axis will align with the red axis of the context. If the extension is just being added to the model space, it will come in aligned with the model axes. It’s hard to tell from your screen shot but you could check to see if the model axes have been moved–right click on one of them and check to see if Reset is available. If it is, click on it. If that extension is inside of a larger group, you would need to open that group and check its axes. If you share the .skp file it would be easier to give you exact direction.

My guess would be that the plugin depends on assumptions about how the axes of the main rail relate to its long direction, and that in your model they are crosswise to what is assumed.

I know nothing about that plugin, but if you share your model we can surely tell you if there is anything odd about its axis alignments.

I haven’t used this particular type of rail, but I have used his InstantRail and Fence plugin. It involves making a group of your edge or edges that are the guide to location of the rail. I’d check the axis of that group–if this is working per my experience. Clicking into a group will show you the axes. Of course to change the axes you have to make it a component and I’m surprised this would be necessary to work the plugin, given the comprehensive quality of those plugins.

Thanks, it got resolved when I reset the axis

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Thanks Steve, It got resolved when I reset the axis

Thanks, I did the reset and the railing worked as it should. Learn something new every day.t

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You reset the MODEL axes?

I was told to right click on one of the axis and see if there is listed reset and if there is pick it. I did and now my problem is gone.

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