Rotate tool, advanced useage question:

I think this is an advanced useage question for the rotate tool.

How can I make the two points that are seperated in the photo connect with the rotate tool or move tool? What would be the easiest way to do this? Would love anyones advice, @DaveR , any ideas? The shapes are the exact same size (components), the lower shapes are on a 40 degree angle, the uppers shapes on a 10, than the two shapes on the right side of screen top and bottom, they are rotated away from the first top and bottom shapes by 30 degrees. Both points on the bottom connect, but the tops do not, this is because of the angles they are all on and the rotation away from each other. How can I get the top two points you see floating in space to touch at the point of their intersection?

Ahh… I just figured it out. I drew a plane in between the two angles that I was rotating from, point on the bottom that is connected and the point on the top, the average between the two angles is that plane I drew, than I held shift with the rectangle tool to reference that plane when rotating than when I selected the bottom connected point to rotate from and chose the point plus the component I wanted to rotate, I than connected to the other point… Anyone else have a better idea than drawing a plane, can the rotate tool find that average plane direction without drawing the plane to use as a reference?

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You can use s4u Align extension

Oh yea! I know there are plugins for this, wondering how to do it natively, any good ideas? :slight_smile:


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Fancy. Cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for showing. Fun!

Think you can one up these solutions @DaveR :stuck_out_tongue: ??

You’re welcome!

Copy, Scale -1, Rotate

Align Tool (3D) Didier Bur

Copy, Rotate, Scale, Rotate

Whoa, that last one was trippy haha. Cool!!