Rosebud - Shape (Plugin)

Rosebud Shape

This is a plugin I’m currently working on. It adds tools to create the following shapes:

  • Ellipse
  • Helix
  • Spiral (Arithmetic/Archimedean)
  • Spiral (Logarithmic)
  • Spiral (Parabolic/Fermat’s)

I’d originally planned to make only the helix tool because I needed it myself, but since the formulas for the other shapes were so similar, I decided to include them as well.

I still plan to make a few changes, so this isn’t an official release. However, since it’s stable and the planned changes won’t actually change any behavior (just stuff on my end like code readability and structure), I’m making it available for download. Once I “officially” release it, I’ll probably make it available at the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.


Great to include the instructor gifs!
pinging every developer that doesn’t…:grinning:


Nice to know someone appreciates them, because making those became tedious real quick :frowning: