Roofing material disappears

Hello everyone,
I edited my roof (using PlusSpec ext) using “edit roof pitch/add gable” option, however after the transition my roofing material disappears. Can anyone tell me why, I am fairly new to sketchup. Thanks in advance!

Can you post your model here please? It’s not possible to tell without seeing that, though one can guess.

If your model is less than about 10Mb, you can drag and drop it into your next post on the forum.

If it is too big to do that, upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, and post a link here. Make sure the file is readable by anyone.

Have you reviewed the Sketchup Essentials at

If not, my guess would be that you may not be using components, groups and layers properly.

here is my file…
project_3.skp (6.8 MB)

From a quick look, I can’t work out why the roof isn’t visible.

I suspect that the roof geometry has somehow either been deleted altogether, not created in the first place, or had a visibility tag assigned which is turned off.

It isn’t hidden, as I turned on both View/Hidden Geometry and View/Hidden Objects.

And turning on all of the tags with ‘Roof’ in them didn’t reveal it either.

I’m not familiar with PlusSpec, although I know in outline what it does. Maybe it’s been assigned another tag, either by mistake, or by PlusSpec, with a non-obvious name.

Have you tried turning on ALL the tags, except perhaps the Section plane tags?

Would I be right in thinking that PlusSpec has generated most or all of the Tags in the model? There seem to be a lot, and toggling many of them seems to do nothing.

I checked what would happen if you deleted some (but I didn’t). In several case, there are no objects with those tags assigned, so you could delete them with no (immediate) impact on your model.

But there are some other problems with the model, which won’t help in the future.

Although you correctly have the Default tag as Untagged, there is still some loose geometry in the model, and some inside groups, where faces and/or edges were on non-default tags.

Try not to leave loose geometry in the model, and put ALL geometry (edges and faces) on the Untagged tag. ONLY assign tags to groups, components, and later dimensions and text. LEAVE THE DEFAULT TAG as Untagged ALL THE TIME except in very rare circumstances, while you are drawing, or PlusSpec is creating geometry for you.

I’ve corrected that with a plugin called Default Layer Geometry, to see if it made any difference to visibility. It didn’t, or at least not visibly to the roof or anywhere else I could see.

Why are the axes of many of the groups not parallel either with the house and model/world axes? The Reset option on a right click on the axes is greyed out, confirming that they haven’t been changed from the ‘world’ axes which are the model defaults.

Have you tried recreating the roof geometry, whether you drew it, or PlusSpec did?

Sorry, someone perhaps familiar with PlusSpec, might be able to help you further, but I can’t.

I agree with @john_mcclenahan here, I spent a while wading through the Russian novel of tags, and poking around the Outliner as well as the many many useless scenes, I’m convinced the roof is not hiding, it’s deleted. Why PlusSpec would do this I have no idea, I’ve never used it. Time to revert or redraw.

Thank you John, very helpful!

Thank you!