Roof face getting broken while saving the model

I have a roof face with dormers(no bottom faces). While trying to save the model using “” method, this face is getting split up into small faces.
Before save, the roof face had only one face
Please help to trouble shoot what happens when save method is executed, that is causing the issue.

Roof before and after saving:-

Taking a wild guess without seeing the model…. The plane of the roof and the points where the dormers intersect are not coplaner by a very small amount . When you save the model the “automatic fix the model” creates the hidden lines your seeing. You really should post the model so people can check it to be certain.

Thanks for the quick response,
Is there any way to disable “Automatically fix the model” during save, through code?

If this is an API/Developer type issue, please put it in the correct category, otherwise people will waste their time giving you answers you don’t want.

Changed the category type,
Is there any way to disable “Automatically fix the model” during save, through code?
Please help

It also appears to me to be a question about a small inaccuracy in the points around that face. I would redraw the geometry from scratch, and the issue is likely to disappear.

There are no API options to disable this check when saving, and even if there was it would still happen when saved manually. The root cause is the geometry.

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You can try to manually set it here:

As far as I know it is not exposed to Ruby API.

However I strongly recommend to create a proper model instead and you will not get a problem :wink:

(edit: Julia was faster…)

This why I said it needed to be moved to the correct category, if you are looking for a coding answer it suggests that your created the model using code, and if that is the case there is something wrong in the creation process.
Non coding people will only be able to suggest you correct the model.

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To me it seems that the coders suggest the same solution.

I agree, but they at least have a chance of seeing what might be causing the issue if it is code that is creating the geometry to begin with.
At this stage, with nothing to go on but a screenshot, it is anyone’s guess.

Can you post the model/component please? I’d be curious to check the points that connects with the roof face vs how accurately they lie on the plane of the face.

Thanks a lot guys. The issue is - some bottom edges of dormers were not sitting properly on roof.
All of your suggestions are very helpful to understand the issue.

Out of curiosity, were any dwg files involved in creating this model, or was it all built from scratch in SketchUp?

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