Robot modeling

Good evening;
I found this robot model made by Mr. Aaron and I would like my college students to practice modeling it. Can someone give me the different pieces and if possible the measurements. Thanks for your help.

Where did you find the model?

I found the model in this video /

Ok. So you just found the video showing the model but not the model. I had a look at @TheOnlyAaron’s 3D Warehouse page but didn’t see that robot which would imply he hasn’t shared it. Not sure if it’s something he can/will share but he might look in to see this thread and give you the answer.

thank you for your reply

You could use a screenshot of the robot to teach them about Match Photo. Then when you’ve started to model on top of the photo you have a starting point for working out the sizes of things.

I started a model to show you what I mean. I made it be a 2017 model in case some of them are using an older version. If you are going to do this in the web version there isn’t a match photo feature, but you could use my model as a starting point. Click on the scene tab if you want to see the photo again.

robot.skp (1.1 MB)

Hello; thanks for your help, i started the modeling work to define the sizes of the objects and divide the whole into separable objects. I would come back to you if I encounter problems but you can explain to me if you have time how you did for the photo because it is great. Again thank you for your collaboration.

I viewed the video full screen, found a frame that had a clear view of the robot, and took a screenshot. Then I imported that into the desktop version of SketchUp, as a New Match Photo.

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