RFP Sketchup model From AutoCAD Drawings

Create a sketchup massing model from autocad drawings of a residential project

OK. Is this something you are doing or do you have a question?

I am looking for someone to model a house, accessory building and site in sketchup

Would you like to see the drawings to propose a fee?

Hi Paul: I have moved this post into the Commercial & Collaborative Work category as it appears you’re looking to hire someone for a job.

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Thank You,
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Yes, I would need to see what there is to start from and a longer conversation of the end result desired. That could be done by PM (private message) if you don’t want private client info posted publicly. I’ve just started assembling some SketchUp portfolio material in a gallery on my SmugMug page here.

That’s a nice model! What’s happening here? Locker room?

It’s an out door shower stall for after swimming in salt water. I didn’t model the shower head, but in the end, the head was all that was installed. The enclosure got deleted.

I haven’t posted many finished pictures yet, but I did put one here.

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