RfE: 'quiet' SUP version for corporate users

for users in a corporate/enterprice area a ‘quiet’ SUP workstation version not communicating to the internet in the background is required, i.e. would need either a configuration switch not accessible to the user account (locked registry branch?) or a dedicated version not doing this in general.

Product activation can be done offline already, the interactive online stuff as Mentor/Help, GEarth and 3D/Extension Warehouse maybe optional.

additionally, for the recent version communicating with the internet a reference documentation which data is transferred to whom in form of an official privacy statement is required.

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Since the license are now managed in the cloud, do you need to “check out” the license before going “silent” ?

SUP single user workstation licences are not managed in the cloud (activation only).

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They require the presence of a network adapter. It doesn’t have to be connected to a network, but it must be enabled. This together with the omission of an offline activation procedure might be a problem in a secure environment.


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an offline product activation by providing the MAC address of the used NIC is already available. An active NIC is therefore required as a sort of a ‘dongle’ for binding the license to a dedicated piece of hardware. But NICs are regularly enabled for accessing the corporate LAN anyhow and therefore not the major drawback, at least besides the already mentioned high-security environments.