Reverting from Autosave

I’m obviously not using autosave correctly as I’m getting “viral” file duplication. I have a battery that’s on the fritz and autosave has saved my bacon several times, but I haven’t figured out the correct way to go about picking up where I left off. I have tried using the autosave file as the “right one” and deleting the original and renaming the autosave file with the original file name, but that seems silly. I’ve tried deleting the portions of the model that I was working on when I lost my work and then opening the autosave file and copying and pasting into the original, but that seems kinda clunky. Is there a magic “revert from autosave” button somewhere that I’m missing?



probably file saveas and over write the original, then “end of the day” delete the autosaves

I would typically overwrite over the non-autosave version. Dropbox saves history of files, so I can always revert, if I need to.

Also, I keep sequential naming of the files:
Project 01.skp
Project 02.skp

If there was a significant change or improvement, I save the next number. If any errors or auto save version is used, I would probably move onto next number.

But this is my workflow, can’t say that it works for everyone

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