Reveal/Groove plugin


I am looking for a plugin that can do the following create reveals and/or grooves on a face. I am working on a concrete tilt up project, and there are probably thousands of reveal lines at various elevations, and I need a way to speed up the process of detailing these reveals. Doing it manually will take all week.

I am aware of the 1001bit tools horizontal groove tool, however my issue with this tool is that it does not maintain the solid nature of the object it is extruding, instead it will make subgroups and open meshes to do it’s extrusion… not to mention rotating hundreds of tilt up walls back and forth to work within the “horizontal grooves only” functionality constraint will burn a lot of time.

I am also aware of tools like latticizer, which for many reasons will not work. It’s just too basic.

Ideally the tool I am looking for will work similar to the 1001bit tools groove tool, but be able to maintain solid components and also work in more than one dimension with multiple edges selected.

Any help here is greatly appreciated, thanks!

I think I found a solution that doesn’t require a plugin:

1: make a component that has the profile of your reveal.
2: set the reveal component against the wall
3: repeat for all reveals
4: using solid tools, outer shell all reveal strips
5: using solid tools, subtract the reveal strips from the wall.

If you organize your components well, you can reuse much of the repeated reveal types to reduce remaking reveals, and (functionally) only a few steps are added apart from simply drawing the reveal using edges.

Hope this is useful to someone… took me a while to piece this process together. :upside_down_face: