Retrieving models from mobile viewer

I had been using my iCloud Drive to store a model in development. I noticed that from my work
PC it was not syncing to the cloud. Then an update came out for iCloud Drive for Windows. Thinking this will fix my problem I updated. Unrelated I had previously changed my AppleID. So I had to sign out of old credentials and sign in with new. It warned me that this would delete all the content in my local iCloud folder. Stupidly I said to myself, “that’s ok because it will still be in the cloud.” Even though the specific problem I was trying to fix was that it wasn’t syncing up to the cloud. So the model I had been working on is gone. However I had loaded a recent version to Sketchup Mobile Viewer. So my question is can I retrieve that model from the mobile viewer s o I can continue to work on it?