Retrieving Files

I’ve been using sketch-up school for some time and every time a make a model that is too large there is a pop up that says that there was an error with my file and I lose it. I’ve lost over 18 models over the same situation. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to reduce the weight of a model? I was also thinking of upgrading and I wanted to know which sketch-up programs have unlimited space but are still affordable.

How big are your model files? I’ve got some that are pretty huge that I’ve worked with in SketchUp for Web and haven’t ever lost any of them or had problems saving them.

Most of them were 18MB or more

You can purge unused component, materials, and styles. Go to each of those panels and click the house icon to make sure you are looking at In Model. Then click on the recycle icon at the bottom of the panel.

I don’t know if there is a file size limit or total storage limit with SketchUp for Schools. There is a limit with SketchUp Free. If there is a total limit, maybe your files have exceeded it.

You could use SketchUp Shop or go to a desktop version of SketchUp and save your files on your local drive. Then you are only limited by the amount of drive space in your computer. For hobby use you can still get SketchUp 2017 Make.

Thank you so much for your help. I was able to get one of my models back!

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